Located next to Shaws in the Shaws Triboro Plaza near the North Attleboro Industrial Park!


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Bourbon / Cigar

Black Oak Humidor

Our black oak Humidor, customized to keep the most vivid, rich cigars fresh and vibrant; spiking the curiosity of any wandering eyes through the elegance of the various cigar brands stored behind the glass.

Single Barrel Select

These amazing array of Bourbons were uniquely crafted and hand pickedĀ from single barrels, and are high quality bourbon selections.

50+ Hand Picked

We have at least over 50+ premium bourbons that were hand picked from single select barrels.

Our Store

Fine Wine

Available to you we have a wide variety of fine wines, champagne, spritzers and more. We are constantly changing stock and keeping up to date with any trends and new wines we can find to present to you.


Craft Beer

Local brewery’s are always coming up with new flavors and new trends, so we specialize in having them available to you any day of the week! From hoppy IPA’s to the freshing light flavors to give your summer, fall, or winter that quenching satisfaction that will get you through any rough day.


We have expanded our spirits section to a much broader selection of vodka, rum, gin, cognac,bourbon, and more…